The three modules are studied online, in the language previously chosen by the student (English of Spanish), and with the possibility to contact the professor in English or Spanish at any time by WhatsApp.

* The order of the topics could vary depending on possible updates in its content, at the discretion of the organization of the diploma course.


  • 1. Covid-19: Its approach with ozone

    a) Pathophysiology of Covid-19 and ozone anchor points.

    b) Pathophysiology of Covid-19 and epidemiology.

    c) SSO3: Clinical trial.

    d) Potential use of ozone. Administration routes.

    e) Vaccine development platform and its mechanisms of action.

    f) Environmental disinfection with ozone.

    g) Procedures in tutorial videos.

  • 2nd Part Basic Module

  • Introduction to ozone therapy

    • Legal framework.

    • Basic principles of ozone therapy. Systemic routes of administration.

    • Ozone generators: use and requirements.

    • Reactive oxygen species and redox environment.

    • Biochemical bases of the effects of ozone.

    • Preclinical, clinical and toxicological evidence.

    • Live webinar.


  • Good Clinical Practices and Design of the Final Project of the Diploma Course.

  • Clinical protocols in use. Informed consents.

  • Ozone therapy in orthopedics and traumatology.

  • Internal Medicine:

    a) Endocrine diseases (diabetes, ozone in neuroinfectious diabetic foot,
    metabolic syndrome, hypothyroidism).

    b) Neurodegenerative diseases: alzheimer, parkinson and senile

    c) Ozone in cardiovascular diseases (HTN, atherosclerosis, STROKE).

    d) Autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, lupus).

  • Gynecology/urology.

  • Healthy aging.
  • Stress and adaptogens.

  • Live webinar.
  • Evaluation.


  • Cancer and Ozone.
  • Concentrates of growth factors activated with ozone.

  • Introduction to the Management of Stem Cells and Ozone.
  • Exosomes.
  • Bio-scaffolds.
  • Microbiota: Its impact with Ozone Therapy on the Body.

  • Dermatology.
  • Dentistry.
  • Veterinary.
  • Live webinar.
  • Evaluation.