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 International Meeting of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy (2nd Edition) June 2015

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Ozonoterapia is part right now in the law of the Mexican state of Nueva León

Since January 19, 2018 the practice of ozone therapy is legal in the state of Nuevo Leon of the Mexican [...]

Reply of AEPROMO to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo

Right of Reply of Aepromo to the story "Ozone Therapy is a Major Hoax that we Must Denounce" August 18, [...]

A step forward and a step back for the Ozone Therapy in Brazil

Step forward: Ozone therapy included by the Brazilian government in the public health service. Step back: Ozone therapy forbidden by [...]

Russia, Ozone Therapy and 2018 World Football (soccer) Cup

Football (soccer) is the most watched sporting event and has the most followers in the world. According to official Fifa [...]

Successfully finished 3rd. Online and Bilingual (English & Spanish) Diploma Course of Ozone Therapy with a Face-to-Face Week

It ended on April 30, 2018 with the presentation of the course paper. Evaluations and diplomas were handed over to [...]

Upcoming Imeof International Congress

The 7th Imeof International Congress will take place in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) along with the 11th Congress of the Russian [...]

New Zealand joins IMEOF

The Ozone Therapy Association of New Zealand Incorporated (Otanz) is part of Imeof since May 16, 2018, after having complied [...]

Massive presence at the International Congress of Traditional and Complementary Medicine. Istanbul, Turkey April 19-22, 2018

One afternoon of the congress was dedicated to ozone therapy Adriana Schwartz and Roberto Quintero, president and legal advisor respectively [...]

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It is a scientific journal access is free. Is bilingual (Castilian and English), online and indexed in LATINDEX and DIALNET.

The Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy is proud to publish in this issue the best original works of students who participated in the University Course Distance of Ozone and ozonized Growth Factors (2013-2014 edition). Course organized jointly by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and AEPROMO. Other original articles are also published.

Crisis and unemployment are discouraging news we hear every day in different media that only manage mentally exhausting society. People want to read, see and hear productive information that will contribute knowledge and be useful to their daily lives.

This is precisely the objective that our magazine Ozone, Health and Life wants to achieve. Our team is focused on report with a simple and enjoyable to people of all ages who want to improve their quality of life and like to take care of language, the perfect way to prolong and enjoy life more years of full health.

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