Ozone therapy is a medical act

The content of this website is informative and is intended for health professionals. Ozone therapy is a medical procedure and as such should be done exclusively by a licensed physician, dentist, veterinary, and podiatrist duly trained and experienced and the areas of their competencies.

In the case of medical assistance, direct interaction with patients will be the responsibility of a doctor, dentist, veterinarian, or podiatrist, with knowledge and experience in ozone therapy. Nurses and technicians will act in accordance with the instructions of the corresponding physician, dentist, veterinarian, or podiatrist.

Used in therapeutic concentrations determined and exclusively by specialized medical professionals, ozone therapy falls within the techniques of new technologies that complement, facilitate and optimize conventional treatments, which is why it has become one more tool in the therapeutic arsenal of the physician.


Complementary therapy

“Ozone therapy is an adjunctive therapy and should be performed along with and not instead of the allopathic medicine. Understanding the difference between complementary and alternative is critical for the practitioner of ozone therapy. The application of ozone therapy complements other allopathic treatments such pharmaceutical interventions and surgical procedures and does not replace them as an alternative. ”

“Ozone therapy has to be practiced as a complementary, adjunctive or palliative treatment for various diseases. Ozone therapy is part of the techniques of new technologies that complement and facilitate conventional treatments. It is another tool in the medical arsenal of the physician.” Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy, ISCO3, 3a. ed., 2020, point 1., p. fifteen



Medical equipments

The oxygen-ozone mixture is obtained from medicinal oxygen exclusively by medical equipment, which within the European Union must have the CE marking with classification IIb, that is, the same classification as a defibrillator or an electric scalpel.


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