AEPROMO has among its main objectives to work with the interest that  the Spanish autonomous communities establish the “rules of the game” so ozone therapy may be legally practiced in outpatient private practices. At the express request of Aepromo fifteen communities out of 17 have already done it. The first to do it was the Community of Madrid on March 9, 2009.

In the section of “members / members area” ( you may find the scanned copies of the provisions passed by each community.

AEPROMO introduced on the agenda of IMEOF (International Medical Ozone Federation) the subject of the regularization. Currently there are 12 countries where the ozone therapy has been regulated whole or in part: Greece (1991 & 2014), Ukraine (2001 & 2014), Italy (2003, 2007 & 2009, 3 regions out of 20), China (2005), Russia (2005 & 2007), Spain (between  2007 & 2012, 15 autonomous communities out of 17), Cuba (2009 & 2015), Sultanate o Oman (2010), Dubai City, United Arab Emirates (2011), Portugal (2013 & 2014) , Turkey (2014), Brazil (in dentistry, 2015)). In at least seven of these countries IMEOF participation has been significant.

Aepromo, through its Legal Adviser Roberto Quintero, has systematically analyzed and documented, what is the legal situation of this medical therapy in different countries. The results of its research are in the Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy (Revista Española de Ozonoterapia) (Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012) and in the ISCO3 website.

The research has been made ​​for the specific purpose that the different health authorities properly regularize the practice of ozone therapy, based on the criterion that is a medical act.

The association provides guidance to its members in their daily work with patients, through the publication of ozone therapy protocols and informed consents. 23 “Ozone Treatment Protocols”,  totally updated on April 2016, in English and Spanish, and in conformity to the criteria of the “Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy” (Isco3, 2nd ed., 2015) are for free at the  exclusive use of the members.

The association strongly advised its members to ensure that all their patients are adequately informed of the medical interventions in which medical ozone will be used. Members are informed of the mandatory requirement to formalize and sign an informed consent before the starting the therapy. Aepromo has developed models of informed consents.

The protocols and the informed consents are posted on in “members / members area” of the association’s website.

The four international congresses organized by Aepromo have obtained the title of “Health Interest”, granted by the Spanish Health Authorities.

First international congress, “New Horizons for the Ozone Therapy”. Pontevedra, Galicia, June 5th-6th, 2009.

Second International Congress, “International Meeting of Ozone Therapy Schools”. Madrid, June 3th-4th June, Royal National Academy of Medicine.

During the congress it was approved the important document  the “Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy,” which has become the worldwide reference document in the practice of ozone therapy.

Third International Congress, “The Ozone Therapy in the Medical Agenda”. Madrid, June 8th-9th June, 2012, Faculty of Medicine,  Madrid Complutense University.

Fourth International Congress

“For a Professional Practice of Ozone Therapy”, Madrid, June 6th-7th 2014, Faculty of Health Sciences, King Juan Carlos University, Alcorcón Campus.

Fifth International Congress, “Better Ozone Therapy with Training, Research and Publication”. It will take place on  June 2th-3th, 2017 at the Faculty of Medicine of the Madrid Complutense University.



In addition Aepromo provided administrative and logistical support to the International Meeting of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy (Second Edition), “Towards an United Approach to the Practice of Ozone Therapy Worldwide”, organized by ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy) on June 12th, 2015 at the Royal National Academy of Medicine, Madrid (Spain).

The title of “Health Interest” awarded to the congress of 2009 was the first one the authorities had ever granted to a scientific event of ozone therapy in Spain. Since then AEPROMO has obtained it for all its congresses.

The association organizes, sponsors and supports the organization of different types of teachings to disseminate in a scientific way the benefits of ozone therapy; and to strength the knowledge of its members in the implementation of the therapy to provide a better and faster improvement to their patients.

Since its foundation in July 2008 to date AEPROMO has organized a total of 22 courses in different subjects with an average of four teachers per course. Due to the high interest that the course have had Aepromo has to implement waiting lists. The written comments that students elaborate of each course are posted on the website. The level of satisfaction has always been quite high. Both the scientific level of teachers and the teaching method of the courses have received, almost without exception, a 100% approval.

It should be noted the giant step taken by the association jointly organizing with the Rey Juan Carlos University two annual editions (2013-2014 and 2014-2015) of the university distance learning course, with a face-to-face week, “Ozone therapy and Ozonated Growth Factors ” (250 hours). The participation of students was higher than our own expectations. The best written researches of the students were published in the Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy (Revista Española de Ozonoterapia).
For purely bureaucratic reasons, no related with the academic program, the course could not continue. The university began requiring that all students with no Spanish diploma (approximately half of the participants) should previously homologated it at the Spanish Ministry of Education to enroll. The homologation is a process that takes on average two years with quite uncertain results. The request for approval prevented the continuation of the university course, despite the international prestige that the course had acquired. Aepromo makes efforts so the course can be resumed.


“Leader publication in the World Scientific Content on Ozone Therapy”

Aepromo annually publishes in May, online, the bilingual (English and Spanish) “Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy” (ISNN: 2174-3215). It is indexed in the databases of electronic journals of LATINDEX ( and DIALNET (

The Journal has been continuously published from May 2011, plus several special supplements are issued per year.

Access to the Journal is free for Aepromo members who are up to date in their payments.

Access with charge to all issues (30 € per year) for members who may are not up to date in their dues and to non-members.

The 2nd. edition of the Declaration reflects the latest medical and scientific advances that have occurred in the scientific world of ozone therapy. The information summarized in the Declaration is based on over 2,000 scientific publications, books and articles found in the International Library of ISCO3.

The first draft of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy was written by the President of AEPROMO Dr. Adriana Schwartz. It was put into consideration of ozone therapists in different parts of the world. After writing 17 different drafts over four months, it was approved on June 4, 2010 at the Second International Congress of AEPROMO “International Meeting of Ozone Therapy Schools” at the Royal National Academy of Medicine, Madrid.

For the updating of the 2nd. ed., ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy), depositary of the Declaration, requested the collaboration of ozone therapists around the world to propose modifications. ISCO3 received a high and important number of proposals from different countries. The 2a. edition was approved by ISCO3 on May 10, 2015 and officially presented at the “International Meeting of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy” held at the Spanish Royal Academy of Medicine in Madrid on June 12, 2015.

The Madrid Declaration allows working with specific objectives, ensuring unified practice with great precision and safety.

The Declaration has been translated into the following languages so far:

Arabic, English (official language), French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.

AEPROMO published in Spanish the book “Guidelines for the Medical Use of Ozone – Fundamentals and Therapeutic indications”. Adriana Schwartz et al., AEPROMO, 2011, 315 p. + XVIII + 11 p. color plates. ISBN: 978-84-615-2244-6.
This publication is the most complete ozone therapy book written in Spanish. It gives information about the ozone properties , its mechanisms of action, forms and methods of application. The printed version has totally sold out. Currently is only available in online version that may be printed in PDF. 

Guidelines for the medical use of ozone – Fundamentals and therapeutic indications. Digital Version


The Aepromo website (Spanish and English, has become the most accessed page in the world, as far as ozone therapy is concerned. The “Accredited Medical Web” has certified Aepromo website as a “website of quality”.

Members will on this website find the decisions adopted by the Board and the General Assembly; the 23 “Ozone Treatment Protocols”  comprehensively updated in April 2016 (English, Spanish) models of informed consents; government reports done on ozone therapy; research – the only one in the world – on legislation and legal status of the ozone therapy in different countries; etc.

On average, each person who visits the website sees about 7 sections. Most likely it is indicating that many professionals use the web as a reference tool for their daily work. From January to July 2016, the number of Hits (click make, indicating the interactivity on the page) is approaching one million per month. The average number of visits per day is 484.

As the website is bilingual, it allows a huge presence in non speaking Spanish countries. The most active countries visiting the site are Spain, followed by the United States, Mexico, China, and Russia.

Potential patients find general information about ozone therapy and in what places may find ozone therapist professionals.

Aepromo also entered the world of social networks. From our website you have direct access to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Aepromo is founding member of Imeof (International Medical Ozone Federation) set up by 20 national associations for several countries of the world. Aepromo keeps and update in English and Spanish its website.

The president is Dr. Adriana Schwartz, president of Aepromo. The vice president is Dr. Frank Shallenberger, president of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy.

Imeof has its headquarters in Madrid and is governed by the Spanish law.

In Spain it is mandatory that all health professionals have a Professional Civil Liability Insurance. In addition the center (society) where they carry out their private activity must also have another.

Aepromo reached an agreement with the insurance broker Uniteco to write down the ozone therapy in their policies as a medical specialty secured to the ozone therapy for both liability policy professional, and for policy consultation (society). Ozonated growth factors are included to be a regular treatment within the specialty of ozone therapy.
Other insurance companies say that ozone therapy is included in your policy, but do not specify it in writing.

The insurance policy with ozone therapy is issued by Seguros Bilbao (Grupo Catalana Occidente).

AEPROMO not get any financial benefit from this agreement, nor who handled the deal.

Each member is totally free to sign or not your insurance with Uniteco because policies are issued directly to the member and not through the association. Each member will decide whether to continue with the insurance company with whom he has his policy or if he hires one with Uniteco.

Any questions about insurance should be addressed directly to Uniteco, not Aepromo. The policy cannot be taken by members not working in Spain.

Interested in having an Uniteco policy should contact directly to Mr. Juan Antonio Vega, Commercial Department.
C/ Pez Volador, 22 – 28007 MADRID
Tfno.: +34 91 504 55 16 Fax : +34 91 504 15 66. Cell : +34 689460017

Each member has the right to freely express her/his opinions on topics of interest to the association, to make motions, proposals and petitions to the government bodies of the association.
Aepromo practices democracy and plurality within the association as stated by the Spanish Associations Law.

Both are implemented, for example, at the Election of the Board. Members vote for persons and not for closed lists. So members will choose persons who they consider to be better placed to manage the association. The election of the Board for the period 2016-2020 was made through an open list on of June 3,2016,

Health care professionals, production and commercial companies of medical ozone equipment can be members of Aepromo. Within this association there is an open space for analysis, discussion, education, promotion and defense of ozone therapy, involving different sectors directly involved in ozone therapy.
Names, addresses, phone numbers and websites of the full members of Aepromo (physicians, dentists and veterinarians) have been posted on the section “Find a professional” of the website. It is worth indicating that the “find a professional “ section actually is a large-scale advertising tool for professionals members of Aepromo.
Aepromo keeps maintaining fluid and constant communication with members through email and the section “members area” of the website. Decisions of the Board are posted on in this section of the website.
Aepromo provides legal general advice to its members and information on the legal status of ozone therapy in different countries. However Aepromo does not legally assist members in specific situations they may have with their patients or before the administrative authorities and/of the courts of justice.
Aepromo complies with the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Personal Data Protection and additional rules currently in force. According to the law Aepromo has submitted the required documentation to the Spanish Data Protection Agency

This content is also available in: Spanish

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