1. 1. Object and scope of application

The object of these General Contractual Terms is to govern the relationship between the Spanish Association of Medical Professionals In Ozone Therapy

[Asociación Española de Profesionales Médicos en Ozonoterapia] (hereinafter AEPROMO), and you (hereinafter “the Customer”) in relation to all transactions carried out by way of this website (aepromo.org),

For any question the Customer may contact AEPROMO by email at:  info@aepromo.org

The on-line purchase of products and services offered in this website shall be subject to the provisions of these General Contractual Terms. The Terms have been drawn up in accordance with Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November which approves the Restated Version of the Law on Consumer Protection [Texto Refundido de Consumidores y Usuarios de la Ley de Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios] and Law 34/2002 of  11 July on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce [de servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electronic], without prejudice to other European or national provisions which are applicable to matters of electronic commerce and any amendments to them.

The descriptions of the products shown in the Website are given on the basis of the information provided by AEPROMO and/or the suppliers of AEPROMO.  Notwithstanding this, the information given on each product, and the photographs and videos of the same and trade names, trademarks or distinctive signs of any type contained in the website of AEPROMO are merely for guidance.


  1. 2. Contract and acceptance

2.1. The acquisition of a product or service on  aepromo.org/ signifies knowledge and acceptance of these General Contractual Terms, the Legal Notice, the General Terms of Use of the Website, the Cookies Policy, Privacy Policy and any Private Terms governing the acquisition. The Customer also states he is at least 18 and has legal capacity to enter into binding contracts and undertakes that the data provided is accurate and truthful for the correct processing of his order.

2.2. The user of the website acquires the status of “Customer” from the time of acceptance of the purchase of a product or service offered on this website.

2.3. The AEPROMO website offers the possibility of acquiring goods or services in the following sections of the website: “Congresses and Courses”, and “Shop”. Other sections may be added in the future. The User may add as many products and services as he wishes, and make payment when he finishes, receiving an email at the address provided by the Customer with confirmation of the payment made.


  1. 3. Making a purchase

To make a purchase on AEPROMO the following steps must be carried out:


3.1. The following categories of information are shown in the upper part of the main page: “Start”, “Ozone Therapy”, “News”, “Congresses and Courses”, “Find a Professional”, “World Library of Ozone Therapy”, “Madrid Declaration”, “Guide to the medical use of Ozone”, “Video Gallery”, “Links”, “Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy” and “Shop”.

3.2. After you have selected the one you want, either a course, an electronic book or a congress, you may add it to your basket. The prices of the products are clearly stated in the site and whether or not they include VAT.

3.3. Once you have selected the products and/or services click on “See basket” if you wish to visualize the products and/or services added; if you wish to pay directly click on “Checkout”.

3.4. If the option selected is Checkout the payment page will appear, which must be completed by the Customer with his personal identification data, address and method of payment (Paypal, Redsys and Iupay). The Customer must ensure that the data provided is accurate and truthful.

3.5. The methods of payment Paypal, Redsys and Iupay will include a commission which will vary according to the method of payment and the price of the products being acquired.

3.6. If any improper or fraudulent charge is made this must be reported by email or telephone as quickly as possible in order for AEPROMO to take the appropriate measures.

3.7. The booking of a course involves a series of extra steps:

3.7.1. Registration on the course after completing a form with the data requested.

3.7.2. After registration the following documents must be sent to info@aepromo.org: (1) University or professional diploma. (2) Identity document (identity card or passport or driving license)

3.7.3. Finally the following options will be provided for Customer payment: “Reservation” (non-refundable), “First Installment”, “Second Installment”, “Third Installment” or “Payment of Entire Course”. The Customer must also indicate in this section whether he is a Member of Aepromo or Not a member of Aepromo. This will be important for price variations or other promotional offers made by AEPROMO.

3.7.4. These extra steps may be altered, any changes being set out in the appropriate sections of the purchase in question.


  1. 4. Formalization of the purchase

4.1. The prices applicable shall be those given on the products on the date the order is made. The amount given at the time of payment shall be the final (total) price, i.e.it will include VAT (value added tax) if applicable at the rate in force in Spain. 

4.2. Where the product is to be physically sent to the Customer’s address the cost of transport will be included. The product remains the property of AEPROMO until total payment of the purchase price is made.

4.3. The price paid for purchase or reservation of distance courses offered on the website includes VAT, access to the platform of the course within the dates laid down for each module; attendance at theoretical and practical sessions of the residential week; teaching materials in digital format and direct on-line tutoring. And a week of practical training: disposable auxiliary material and equipment necessary for the training (needles, syringes, filters, generators, etc.). Coffee break during the residential week and a diploma issued by AEPROMO.

4.4 All orders are subject to availability of the products and services. In the event of any difficulty with the supply of the same or their not being in stock AEPROMO shall reimburse the payment the Customer has made. AEPROMO undertakes to give as much notice of the above as possible.


5.  Payment

5.1. The CUSTOMER undertakes to pay on making the order. Delivery expenses shall be added to the initial price appearing in the Website for each of the products on offer. Such expenses shall be made known to the CUSTOMER before the purchase is made.

5.2. The CUSTOMER must pay for the order by credit card or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron and/or other similar cards), PayPal, wire transfer (only in the European Union) or payment at a branch of Banco Santander in Spain. The card used for payment must be issued by a duly authorized bank or savings bank accepted by Banco Santander. Payment by card shall be made by way of AEPROMO with its security protocols.

5.3. The CUSTOMER must inform AEPROMO of any improper or fraudulent charge to the card used for purchase in an email addressed to info@aepromo.org as quickly as possible in order for AEPROMO to be able to take the appropriate steps.


  1. 6. Time-limits, areas of delivery and access

6.1. In cases of acquisition of the electronic version of a product the CUSTOMER is allowed to consult it online. Access to the same is acquired on making payment.

6.2. In distance courses offered on the website the CUSTOMER will be given access to the platform for the course within the dates laid down for each module once payment and pre-registration requirements have been verified. On successful completion of the course diplomas and certificates will be sent within one month. If the Customer notices any defect on receiving the diploma he must contact AEPROMO within 48 hours for the error or defect detected to be remedied.

6.3. In cases of acquisition of the printed version of a product AEPROMO undertakes to deliver it in perfect condition to the address the CUSTOMER has provided in the order form. In order to facilitate delivery AEPROMO would be grateful if the CUSTOMER could provide an address to which the order can be delivered in normal working hours. 

6.4. AEPROMO shall not be responsible for errors in delivery where the delivery address provided by the CUSTOMER in the order form is inaccurate or omitted.

6.5. AEPROMO informs the CUSTOMER that single orders may be divided into a number of deliveries.

6.6.  For security reasons AEPROMO will not send any order to postal boxes or to military bases, or accept any order where it is not possible to identify the recipient of the order and their address.

6.7. Delivery shall be deemed to be made at the time at which the Customer or third party designated by the same effectively acquires possession of the product; or on confirmation of the purchase for services offered in relation to congresses and courses, whether residential or distance.


  1. Diligent delivery

The CUSTOMER must examine the condition of the package in the presence of the CARRIER who delivers the product on behalf of AEPROMO, recording in the delivery note any anomaly detected in the packaging. If subsequently having examined the product the CUSTOMER detects any incident such as breakage, evidence of having been opened or any damage caused during delivery the CUSTOMER undertakes to inform AEPROMO by email as quickly as possible within 24 hours following delivery. Incidents of this type will not be attended to after that time (only pieces with guarantee).


  1. 8. Right of withdrawal

8.1. The User is entitled to withdraw from the contract, giving reasons for doing so, having 14 calendar days from receipt of the order for withdrawing from the same. To do so he must send an email to info@aepromo.org.

AEPROMO shall acknowledge receipt of such withdrawal without delay in a durable medium.

 8.2. AEPROMO shall then contact the Customer to reimburse him for the amount paid. The returning of the purchase price, where appropriate, shall be made using the same means of payment as the acquisition.

8.3. Electronic versions of products such as training videos and electronic books, attendance courses and congresses and distance courses are outside the scope of the right of withdrawal.

8.4. AEPROMO will only accept returns which comply with the following requirements:

8.4.1. The product must be in the same state as that in which it was delivered and must have its original packaging and labeling.

8.4.2. It must be sent using the same box in which it was received in order to protect the product. If this cannot be done with the box in which it was delivered the CUSTOMER must return it in a protective box in order for the product to reach the warehouses of AEPROMO in as safe a manner as possible.

8.4.3. A copy of the delivery note must be included in the package also stating the products returned and the reason for the return.


8.5. In order to facilitate the return process for CUSTOMERS and make possible proper monitoring of the same AEPROMO makes the return procedure laid down by AEPROMO the only return procedure. If the reason for the return is attributable to AEPROMO (the product is defective, is not what the CUSTOMER had ordered, etc.) the cost of the return shall be reimbursed. If there is some other reason (the products were correctly supplied but the CUSTOMER does not like them, etc.) return expenses shall be charged to the CUSTOMER.

8.6. The CUSTOMER must inform AEPROMO of the courier used and the date and time of the return.


  1. Reimbursement of CUSTOMER

9.1. The returning of the product shall give rise to a reimbursement equal to the cost of the products returned less the cost of the return service.

9.2. Only if the product delivered is defective or incorrect will AEPROMO also reimburse the CUSTOMER for transport expenses.

9.3. Partial returns and cancellations shall give rise to partial reimbursements.

9.4. AEPROMO shall process the return order using the same system as used for payment within 3 days of conformation of the arrival of the returned order at its warehouses. The entering of the return in the CUSTOMER’s account or card shall depend on the card and its issuer. The time-limit for entering shall be 7 days for debit cards and 30 days for credit cards.

  1. 5. For any question or claim the CUSTOMER may contact AEPROMO at info@aepromo.org


  1. 10. Dispute resolution. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

10.1. The drawing up and interpretation of these General Contractual Terms and any Private Terms shall be governed for all purposes by Spanish law. 

10.2. For the resolution of any judicial dispute deriving from the interpretation and/or performance of these General Terms and any Private Terms which are laid down the Parties submit to the courts and tribunals of Madrid (Spain) with express waiver of any other venue to which they may be entitled.

10.3. As regards the applicable law reference is made to the following without seeking to be exhaustive: Royal Decree of 24 July 1889 of the Civil Code; Royal Decree of 22 August 1885 publishing the Commercial Code; Law 7/1996 of 15 January on Retail Trade [Ordenación del Comercio Minorista]; Law 7/1998 of 13 April on Standard Contractual Terms [Condiciones Generales de la Contratación]; Law 7/1995 of 23 March on Consumer Credit [Crédito al Consumo]; Law 34/2002 of 11 July on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce [servicios de la sociedad de la información y de comercio electronic] and Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November approving the restated version of the Law on Consumer Protection and other supplementary laws [texto refundido de la Ley General para la Defensa de los Consumidores y Usuarios y otras leyes complementarias].

This content is also available in: Spanish

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