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Course “Modern Ozone Therapy and its Applications” XXI Century National Medical Center Mexico City, October 13 and 14, 2023 With the endorsement of the SEP

Dr. Adriana Schwartz, president of AEPROMO (Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy and Scientific Secretary of ISCO3 (International [...]

Record attendance in 3rd. International Ozone Therapy Congress Sao Paulo (Brazil)

With record attendance on the 3rd. International Ozone Therapy Congress was held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on September [...]

Honduras Includes Ozone Therapy in Health Legislation

Ozone therapy was regulated as "complementary therapy". It can be practiced in the public and private sector in "outpatient establishments" [...]

Full House at the Symposium and Workshop “Ozone Therapy in Medical Practice” Jakarta (Indonesia) 19-20 August 2023

The main speaker and professor was Dr. Adriana Schwartz. More than 120 health professionals participated. The presidents of four Indonesian [...]

New Papers in Human Medicine and Veterinary Issued by ISCO3

ISCO3, in 2023, elected new committee members and has published new research papers. Research papers have been published in Human [...]

Resounding Victory of AEPROMO and its President in Favor of Ozone Therapy

The Spanish OMC (Collegiate Medical Organization,similar to the Federation of States Medical Boards of the USA) through its previous treasurer, [...]

AEPROMO pioneer in the regularization of ozone therapy in Spain and in other countries of the world

From the prohibition in the Community of Madrid to its regularization  15 autonomous communities have established "Directives" for ozone therapy [...]

BRAZIL: By law “ozone therapy is authorized throughout the national territory”

Brazilian President Lula da Silva signed Law 14,648 on August 4, 2023  The initial project was presented in the Senate [...]

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It is a scientific journal access is free. Is bilingual (Castilian and English), online and indexed in LATINDEX and DIALNET.

The Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy is proud to publish in this issue the best original works of students who participated in the University Course Distance of Ozone and ozonized Growth Factors (2013-2014 edition). Course organized jointly by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and AEPROMO. Other original articles are also published.

Crisis and unemployment are discouraging news we hear every day in different media that only manage mentally exhausting society. People want to read, see and hear productive information that will contribute knowledge and be useful to their daily lives.

This is precisely the objective that our magazine Ozone, Health and Life wants to achieve. Our team is focused on report with a simple and enjoyable to people of all ages who want to improve their quality of life and like to take care of language, the perfect way to prolong and enjoy life more years of full health.

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