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The 3rd. Bilingual Diploma Distanca Begins

It started on October 9, 2017 It will end on April 30, 2018 It is an online diploma course in English and Spanish language […]

Mr. Ángel Luis Guirao, Madrid Regional Ministry of Health

May the Name of Madrid Remain Closely Linked to Ozone Therapy

Madrid Regional Ministry of Health Inauguration, 5th International Congress of AEPROMO and 6th of IMEOF Medicine Faculty Complutense University, Madrid June 2-3, 2017 International congress inaugurated by Mr. Ángel Luis Guirao, Deputy General Director, Evaluation […]

Medicine Faculty, Complutense University, Madrid, June 2-3, 2017


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 International Meeting of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy (2nd Edition) June 2015

Unlimited Access to power points and audios (English, Spanish).
130€ (VAT 21% included)


In Chinese Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy (ISCO3, 2nd ed., 2015) Now available in 12 languages

ISCO3 proudly presents the 2nd. edition of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy of 2015 translated into Chinese.   Ozone [...]

IMEOF STARTS NEW YEAR 2018 WITH AN ADDITIONAL NEW MEMBER: AIRO (International Academy on Oxygen-Ozone Therapy)

  AIRO was founded in 2012. It joined IMEOF on December 15, 2017. President of AIRO: Prof. Dr. Dario Apuzzo. [...]

Module Intermediate of the 3rd. Online Diploma Course of Ozone Therapy (English-Spanish) has begun

The students of the 3rd. Online Diploma Course organized by AEPROMO have finished the Basic Module on December 15, 2017. [...]

AEPROMO in Congress of Advanced Therapies in Medicine

Aepromo president Dr. Adriana Schwartz, gave the keynote speech at the 5th International Congress of Advanced Therapies in Medicine (December [...]

The Ozone Therapy in the agenda of the Mexican Senate

Senator Lorena Cuéllar presents legislative initiative on ozone therapy. Organized the forum: "Towards the Regularization of Ozone Therapy" Adriana Schwartz, [...]

IMEOF grants recognition plate to the Odontologist Nory Bazzano

Within the framework of the 1st. Peruvian International Ozone Therapy Congress organized by the Peruvian Ozone Therapy Medical Association (ASMPO3), [...]

President of IMEOF and AEPROMO acclaimed in Congress ofo Ozone Therapy in Peru

Dr. Adriana Schwartz, president of IMEOF (International Medical Ozone Federation) and AEPROMO received a one minute standing ovation from the [...]

Ozone Therapy Congress was successfully held in Peru

Lima, November 18-19 2017 Organized by the Peruvian Oxygen Ozone Therapy Medical Association (ASMPO3) 27 speakers from 10 different countries [...]

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It is a scientific journal access is free. Is bilingual (Castilian and English), online and indexed in LATINDEX and DIALNET.

The Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy is proud to publish in this issue the best original works of students who participated in the University Course Distance of Ozone and ozonized Growth Factors (2013-2014 edition). Course organized jointly by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos and AEPROMO. Other original articles are also published.

Crisis and unemployment are discouraging news we hear every day in different media that only manage mentally exhausting society. People want to read, see and hear productive information that will contribute knowledge and be useful to their daily lives.

This is precisely the objective that our magazine Ozone, Health and Life wants to achieve. Our team is focused on report with a simple and enjoyable to people of all ages who want to improve their quality of life and like to take care of language, the perfect way to prolong and enjoy life more years of full health.

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