Dr. Adriana Schwartz, in her capacity as president of AEPROMO, participated in the 7th international congress of “Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy”.

“Growth Factor Concentrates, Stem Cells and Ozone in the Treatment of Dyskarthrosis and Lumbar Hernia” was the title of Dr. Schwartz’s presentation at this 7th international congress. She also spoke on “Ozone Therapy and Stem Cells in Gynecology”, within the framework of the international course on “Functional and Regenerative Gynecology” that took place in the same place and in parallel to the 7th congress.

Dr. Nadia Abed, alsomember of AEPROMO, spoke at the 7th congress on “Cellulite and/or Skin Sagging Treated with Subcutaneous Ozone Therapy”.

Both medical-scientific activities had been organized by FEMEL (Spanish Foundation of Medicine, Aesthetics and Longevity) and SEMERETEC (Spanish Society of Regenerative Medicine and Cellular Therapy).

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