The 10th diploma course (2023-2024) ended on June 15, 2024, with the students sending their “end of diploma course” work.

The diploma is divided into three modules and three exams, plus the “end of diploma course” work.

Health professionals from five continents participated in the 10th diploma course: Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Below are some of the written comments from the students of the 10th diploma.


This is what students have said about the 10th diploma (2023-2024)


  • For me it has been a real pride to work and prepare this diploma under your direction
    [Adriana Schwartz].
  • A pleasure to have shared this enriching experience.
  • I found the diploma course intense, both interesting and practical.
  • Congratulations [Dr. Adriana Schwartz] for your work, dedication, passion and effort.
  • Thank you for sharing so much knowledge [in the diploma course], and unique experiences!! Not all people have the gift of teaching. You certainly have it!
  • Thank you very much for your dedication to transmitting your knowledge!
  • This diploma course (…) has been a wonderful experience, only comparable to a career in medicine.
  • During my career [as a doctor] I have been in many diploma courses and certifications, and without detracting from the others, this [AEPROMO diploma course] has entered that list of the best I have taken.
  • I honor those who deserve honor for their dedication and sacrifice [Dr. Schwartz], imparting knowledge for the good of others.
  • My respects [Dr. Schwartz] for your enthusiastic work and great wealth of knowledge.
  • I took the diploma course with a great desire to learn, and to enter this world of ozone.
  • Thank you, Adrianna. I’m thrilled to have finished [the diploma course] and passed it all.
  • This is a dream come true, an honor to have this certification [of the diploma course], an honor and a privilege to know you [Dr. Adriana] and have the opportunity to learn from you.
  • Thank you [Dr. Schwartz] once again for fighting for ozone therapy in the world, for your determination to protect genuine knowledge.
  • It has been challenging [the diploma course] and really interesting, and I am looking forward to learning more as I move forward.
    Thank you [Dr. Schwartz] with all my heart for this entire diploma course, and for all your help throughout it.
  • I will be with Aepromo, attentive to the activities that will be proposed!
  • It has been a pleasure for me to work with you [Dr. Schwartz].
  • The quality and structure of the teaching program is to be praised, surprised by everything learned and how much remains to learn, do and contribute.
  • The soul and driving force of this diploma is a woman [Adriana Schwartz] of great class, intelligence, personality and unlimited capacity. I admire her degree of knowledge and her unwavering desire to grow and contribute for the good of others.
  • Thank you [Dr. Adriana Schwartz] for your affection, your love for ozone therapy moves us to follow in your footsteps and bring scientific, high-quality ozone therapy to the world. Eternal gratitude for your existence.
  • Thank you for all your knowledge [Dr. Adriana Schwartz], for the way you transmit it, thank you for all the research you have has carried out, for the strength and dedication that hoy have played in the entire area of ozone therapy.
  • Congratulations my admired Dr. Adriana Schwartz, my recognition, for greatness and intelligent career. It has undoubtedly earned a place in the history of medicine.
  • The diploma course has educated me and gives me all the elements to practice at the best level.
  • With what I learned [in the diploma course] everything has changed, of that I can be sure.
  • My respects and admiration [Dr. Schwartz] for your dedication and source of inspiration.
  • I feel committed to following the canons of such valuable teaching.
  • Thank you very much Dr. Adriana and may your successes continue in the company of your entire work team and your students scattered around the world.
  • It has been an honor to walk hand in hand with the Rockstar [Dr. Schwartz] in this world of ozone therapy!!!!
  • Thank you for all your support [Dr. Adriana Schwartz] and for sharing your knowledge!!
  • I admire and appreciate your drive [Dr. Adriana Schwartz], tenacity, strength
  • intelligence. I am grateful for each of these things, which made it possible for more people worldwide to have the tool of knowledge and more therapeutic options.
  • My greatest admiration and support!
  • Regarding the diploma course: excellent quality!
  • THANK YOU THANK YOU [Dr. Schwartz], for so much shared knowledge, to help more people. Thank you for sharing what you know and your experiences.
  • I’m also amazed by the level of the diploma course, proud to feel that I am at the CUTTING EDGE of medicine, and ADMIRE Adriana, as a person and as a professional.
  • It is incredible to me how [Adriana Schwartz] can be updated, researching and moving forward in integrative and regenerative medicine internationally, and at the same time without stopping her clinical and training activity around the world.
  • It is a GIFT, a gift, to know you [Dr. Schwartz].
  • Thank you so much for everything you do and how you do it [Dr. Schwartz], the world is a little better thanks to people like you.
  • Appreciating the quality of the diploma course, a pleasure to have been a participant.
  • I think there is unanimity that we are privileged to have you [Dr. Schwartz] as a teacher. And not only as a teacher but as a colleague and friend, supporting us and giving us strength when we needed it most.