From the prohibition in the Community of Madrid to its regularization

 15 autonomous communities have established “Directives” for ozone therapy

 Ozone therapy in 23 in Spanish Public Hospitals

 14 countries have legislated in favor of ozone therapy



Aepromo has among its main objectives working so that ozone therapy is properly regulated in Spain. In other countries around the world, it has also scientifically and legally contributed to the proper regulation of this therapy.


Prohibition of ozone therapy in the private sector in the Community of Madrid (2006)

The Community of Madrid decided to ban the practice of ozone therapy in the private health sector in 2006. Several health centers were fined, and the Community of Madrid threatened to close others.

AEPROMO, when it was founded in 2008, placed as one of its objectives the regularization of ozone therapy, both in Spain and in other countries of the world.

For this, a comparative health law investigation was carried out to establish the legal status of ozone therapy in different countries of the world, and the strategy that the association would follow in the area of regularization in Spain and in the world was elaborated.

AEPROMO, recently constituted, presented a scientific-medical document to the Community of Madrid (17 Sept, 2008, 19 p.) to authorize ozone therapy in centers without hospitalization and was accompanied by intense lobbying activity. Other ozone therapy associations opposed the request for regularization.


The Community of Madrid regulates ozone therapy

The Ministry of Health agreed to the request and to the lobbying of Aepromo, regulating the practice of ozone therapy throughout the community (March 9, 2009).

Since then, at the express request of Aepromo, 15 autonomous communities, out of the 17 that the Kingdom of Spain has, through “directives” have established the “rules of the game” so that ozone therapy can be legally practiced in private centers located in their territories.

The directives can be found in the “Members Area” (exclusive access for Aepromo members and who are up to date in the payment of their dues))


Ozone therapy is practiced in 23 Spanish Public Hospitals

In 2008, the number of Spanish public hospitals that used ozone therapy was 20, according to the SED (Spanish Pain Society). In December 2021, AEPROMO updated the list and specified that the number had risen to 23 hospitals.


Ozone therapy is practiced despite the fact that the Spanish (OMC) Collegiate Medical Organization-CGCOM (General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians),  has classified it “motu proprio” as “pseudotherapy” (2017), without consulting AEPROMO at any time and has repeatedly refused to meet with AEPROMO.


In other countries of the world

Until 1990 there was no country that had legislation on ozone therapy. Since 1991 the situation has begun to evolve.


There are already 14 countries where ozone therapy has been regulated throughout the country or in parts of it:

  1. Greece (1991 and 2014). First country in the world to regularize ozone therapy.
  2. Ukraine (2001 and 2014). Second country in the world to regularize it.
  3. Italy (2003, 2007 and 2009). three regions.
  4. China (2005)
  5. Russia (2005 and 2007)
  6. Spain (between 2007 and 2012). 15 autonomous communities.
  7. Cuba (2009 and 2015)
  8. Sultanate of Oman (2010)
  9. United Arab Emirates (2011). Dubai City
  10. Portugal (2013-2014)
  11. Türkiye (2014)
  12. Brazil (2015, 2018, 2020 and 2023)
  13. México (2018). Two states.
  14. Venezuela (2020)


In at least seven of these countries, the participation of AEPROMO has been significant.


Scientific-legal investigations in the world

Roberto Quintero and Adriana Schwartz, respectively legal advisor and president of Aepromo, have systematically and documentedly analyzed the legal situation of ozone therapy in different countries. The results of their investigations are found in:

Ozone Therapy Global Journal (formerly Revista Español de Ozonoterapia (Vol. 2, No. 1, 2012).


ISCO3. 2nd updated and extended edition May 20, 2015.


Scientific-legal investigations on Brazil


The researches have been carried out with a double purpose:

(a) That ozone therapists, with legal tools and valid scientific instruments, work so that ozone therapy is duly regulated in their countries.

(b) That the health authorities duly regulate the practice of ozone therapy, based on the criteria that it is a medical act and a complementary therapy.

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