The book “A Ozonioterapia no Brasil – Panorama Jurídico do Processo da Regulamentaçao e seus Entraves” by the lawyer and nurse Tula dos Reis Laurindo, together with the lawyers Djalma Aparecida dos Santos and Franklin Alves de Oliveira Brito (Haikai Editora, Sao Paulo, 2023, 165 p.), is now available for sale in Brazil.


The authors point out that “the challenge of this book is to compile the main regulations that directly or indirectly impact the ozone therapy regulation process in Brazil, both to carry out a critical analysis and to enable the reader to access a contextualization of the topic. from the legal and health perspective.”


The authors granted the honor to the legal advisor of AEPROMO (Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy) and ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy), of writing the preface. In this Roberto Quintero wrote: The authors “not only do the difficult work of putting in a single publication the different regulations that have been issued on ozone therapy in Brazil, but they also analyze them, making the corresponding criticisms and suggesting the correctives they consider. the most convenient. Without having to share all the legal analysis that the book contains, the authors give the reader the magnificent opportunity to access updated, detailed and instructive information.”


As the book was published before Law 14,648 was approved (August 4, 2023) that “authorizes ozone therapy in the national territory”, the authors did not have the opportunity to include and analyze it in their very timely and necessary book.


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