Letter to the editor in Vol. 11 of Ozone Therapy Global Journal

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a powerful US government agency, supposedly
approves drugs in the United States based on science. Their duty is to “protect public health.”
The FDA is a reference for many countries in the world. With few exceptions, when this agency
approves a medicines, the EMA (European Medicines Agency), which has functions similar to
the FDA in the European Union, also does so; and from then on other countries of the world follow
The FDA has the very powerful pharmaceutical companies on its daily agenda. Medical science
has a very fine and developed smell for money. The pharmaceutical market exceeds earnings
from arms sales or telecommunications.
Director of the FDA. Doctor Robert M. Califf as of February 2022 is the new director of the FDA.
He had already been in 2016. He is a member of the board of directors, of the science and
technology committee, and shareholder of Cytokinetics Inc., a muscle biology biopharmaceutical
company. As independent as the current director of the FDA would like to be, his economic and
scientific past, closely linked to the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, will weigh heavily
when making decisions.


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