• It began on November 15, 2021 and ended as scheduled on June 15, 2022.
  • Diploma course of 300 hours of duration.
  • It was taught in Spanish and English and was completely online.


The 8th 300-hour ozone therapy diploma course was taught in Spanish and English and was completely online.

Through the WhatsApp group, specially created for the 8th graduate, a direct educational dialogue was established between teachers and students, which served to clarify doubts, share experiences and deepen knowledge.

Final grades and diplomas have already been sent to all students.

The best written works “end of diploma course” were published in Aepromo’s “Ozone Therapy Global Journal” that appeared in May 2022.



 Comments from the students of the 8th diploma course

 “I appreciate your attention and sharing your knowledge with me, to apply it in the day to day with our relatives and patients, it was a Diploma that exceeded my expectations, I am waiting for feedback,”

“I want to thank you for the experience during this year, which although it has been complicated with all the activities and responsibilities of daily practice, has been enriching and at the same time a feeling of fresh air and life by perceiving the need to learn again.”

“I hope to be able to put into practice most of the therapies learned in this diploma course.”

“I encourage you to continue

[organizing diploma courses] because this one really feeds the medical soul of doctors.

“I’ve been studying in my free time for so many months that now I don’t know what to do… Thank you for everything.”

“Many thanks for all the attention you have shown me during the course.”

“Thank you very much for the enjoyable course that is an awakening to the reality of regenerative medicine.”

“I am very grateful for the training received in this course.”