The Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy is available right now in the following six languages:

Arabic: Translated from English by ISCO3 Vice President Fadi Sabbah, DDS.

English: Is the only official version.

French: Translated from English by Isabelle Debievev and Jean Pierre Eudier.

German: Translated from English by Adrian Bühler, President of the Swiss Medical Society for Ozone and Oxygen Use in Prevention (SAGOS).

Japanese: Translated from English by Dr. Takeo Watarai, President of the Japanese Society of Oxidative Medicine

Spanish: Translated from English by ISCO3 Secretary Adriana Schwartz, MD.

In the following weeks the Declaration will be also available in Russian.

You can get the Declaration for 15 Euros at:

The “Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy” is the first and only global consensus document in the history of ozone therapy. It has become an important reference tool for health professionals that use ozone therapy. anywhere in the world.

This content is also available in: Spanish