The Ozone Therapy Association of New Zealand Incorporated (Otanz) is part of Imeof since May 16, 2018, after having complied with all the requirements demanded by the federation statutes.

Otanz officially adhered to the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy, Isco3, 2nd. ed., 2015.

It is noteworthy that in recent months the three following associations have decided to share the objectives of Imeof: The International Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Academy (Airo) Italy; the Mexican Association of Veterinary Doctors Dedicated to Ozone Therapy, A.C. (AMMVOD3); and the Ozone Therapy Association of New Zealand Incorporated (Otanz).


The Executive Management Committee members of Otanz is composed of the following health professionals:

President: Dr. Wayne McCarthy, ND

Vice President: Dr. Bill Reeder, MD

Secretary: Agustin K. Okamura, MD

Treasurer: Banoo Matin, ND

General Registrar: Agustin K. Okamura, MD.


The president of Otanz Dr. Wayne McCarthy, ND, will be the representative of the association before Imeof.

The president of Imeof is Dr. Adriana Schwartz, president of Aepromo; The vice president is Dr. Dr. Frank Shallenberger, President of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy (AAO).

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