The official results for electors were officially communicated by ICOMEM on October 19, 2021.


The elections for electors began on August 25 and ended on October 13, the results being known six days later.


What is the Assembly of Electors?

The Assembly of Electors represents all the members of ICOMEM.

The ICOMEM General Assembly “constitutes the supreme body” of the college (art. 28 of the statutes).

Due to the fact that in the Community of Madrid there are a number of physicians of around 40,000; and that by law every physician to practice in this community must be a member of the college, the statutes (art. 28) established a general assembly whose functions are “delegated to an Assembly of Electors elected by the members of the college”.


To this Assembly of Electors “the Board of Directors must give an account of its performance.” In addition “the agreements reached in the General Assembly will be binding on all Members of the College.

Dr. Adriana Schwartz, who for the first time decided to run for that position, will have the right to speak and vote in the Assembly of Electors.

Ozone therapy through the elector Dr. Adriana Schwartz, ozone therapy will be on ICOMEM’s work and duties agenda.

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