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By | 19th September, 2019|News|

The president of Aepromo, Dr. Adriana Schwartz, presented the paper "Infection with Papilloma Virus Treated Integrally" at the 12th European Congress of Integrative Medicine that took place in Barcelona (Spain) from September 13 to 15, 2019 The 2nd European Congress of Integrative Medicine took place within the framework of a very good organization and with [...]

2nd edition of the paper on Medical Ozone Generators (MOG) approved by ISCO3

By | 10th September, 2019|News|

Guidelines and Recommendations for Medical Professionals Planning to Acquire a Medical Ozone Generator (MOG)  Isco3 approved this paper 1st ed. July 11, 2014; and 2nd ed. September 29, 2019.  “The present document meant to be a help and a commercial neutral guideline for all those who plan to buy ozone therapy equipment to be used [...]

6th International Congress of Aepromo and Launching of the 3rd edition of the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy. Update made by ISCO3

By | 3rd July, 2019|News|

"With the Objective that the Medical Act of Ozone Therapy is Practiced worldwide with scientific basis” Royal National Academy of Medicine, Madrid, Friday, June 5, 2020. Official languages: Spanish and English. Preceded by the pre-congress course "Update In Applications of OzoneTherapy" Clínica Garcilaso, Madrid, Thursday, June 4, 2020. For more detailed information, click here.


By | 3rd July, 2019|News|

ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy) is the entity in charge of updating the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy. Isco3 has invited ozonetherapists from all over the world to actively participate in updating the Declaration. Suggestions and proposals may be sent until November 30, 2019 to   The Declaration has been translated into [...]


By | 3rd July, 2019|News|

Every 5 years Isco3 elects its 21 members. Interested health professionals may apply until October 31, 2019 Health professionals from any part of the world directly related to the practice of ozone therapy may apply. As English is the official language of Isco3 those interested in applying must speak and write fluently English. To obtain [...]

NEW ISSUE OF THE SCIENTIFIC JOURNAL OF AEPROMO Ozone Therapy Global Journal (former Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy – Revista Española de Ozonoterapia). Vol. 9, No. 1, 2019

By | 6th June, 2019|News|

Free access to the journal:  The journal meets the stringent international requirements for scientific journals.  Editorial: "New Title of the Journal and the Ozone Therapy is not a Pseudoscience“.   The new issue of the Aepromo journal "Ozone Therapy Global Journal" (former Spanish Journal of Ozone Therapy - Revista Española de Ozonoterapia) may be consulted [...]

Intense week of Ozone Therapy in Lima (Perú) with the participation of AEPROMO

By | 6th June, 2019|News|

Invited by the College of Physicians of Peru Aepromo participated in an afternoon dedicated to ozone therapy (May 20, 2019).  Also invited by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos "Dean of the Universities of America" for the "International Course on Ozone Therapy" (May 21 to 23).  International course inaugurated by the rector of the [...]

Practical workshop on systemic and topical administration routes of ozone

By | 20th May, 2019|News|

It was a unique workshop given its purely practical nature created from the demand of professionals to learn or improve or recycle knowledge in the most well-known administration routes and those of new use such as ozonated saline solution (SSO3). It took place with great success on April 26 in a totally clinical environment.

4th Diploma Course of Ozone Therapy Concluded as Scheduled

By | 20th May, 2019|News|

The 4th bilingual diploma (Spanish and English) ended on April 30, 2019. Indispensable to obtain the diploma: The presentation and approval of the end-of-course written work on April 30. Professionals from 22 different nationalities participated. The diplomas will be delivered at the end of May 2019. The 5th degree will begin on October 1, 2019 [...]

International Course Ozone Therapy and Pulsatile Magnetic Fields

By | 9th April, 2019|Congress past, News|

Between May 21 and 23 the International Course Ozone Therapy and Pulsatile Magnetic Fields will be held in the city of Lima, Peru, where AEPROMO will participate actively through its President, Adriana Schwartz For more information you can call 984 357 696 or write to email You can see the course program on  this [...]