• The main speaker and professor was Dr. Adriana Schwartz.
  • More than 120 health professionals participated.
  • The presidents of four Indonesian medical associations were present at the event.


The main speaker and professor was Dr. Adriana Schwartz, president of AEPROMO (Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy), and scientific secretary of ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy).

For more than four hours, through videoconference, Dr. Schwartz discussed different topics, among which were the Ozonated Saline Solution; and the Ozone Action Mechanisms.

More than 120 health professionals participated in both the symposium and the workshop.

The workshop was held with the important collaboration of the Indonesian Medical Ozone Doctors Association.

In addition to the important participation of health professionals, the presence of the presidents of the following four Indonesian medical associations should be highlighted:


  1. Indonesian General Practitioners Association.
  2. Indonesian Association of Regenerative, Wellness and Anti-Aging Physicians.
  3. Indonesian Doctors Association, South Jakarta Chapter.
  4. Indonesian General Practitioners Association, South Jakarta Chapter.


The general consensus of the participants was that they had had the excellent opportunity to learn directly, from Dr. Adriana Schwarz, an authority and world expert in ozone therapy, the numerous indications for medical ozone therapy.

 The participation of health professionals was maintained until the end of the symposium and the workshop.

The organizers, motivated by the high number of participants, and at the request of the doctors themselves, have begun to organize a new scientific-educational event for next December 2023.

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