• Invited by the College of Physicians of Peru Aepromo participated in an afternoon dedicated to ozone therapy (May 20, 2019). 
  • Also invited by the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos “Dean of the Universities of America” for the “International Course on Ozone Therapy” (May 21 to 23). 
  • International course inaugurated by the rector of the university and with an Inca opening ceremony. 
  • The Peruvian Ozone Therapy Medical Association (ASMPO3), member of Imeof, participated with speakers in both events.


The ozone therapy had a unique protagonism throughout the third week of May 2019 in Lima (Peru).  The week began at the headquarters of the Medical College of Peru, which invited Dr. Adriana Schwartz president of Aepromo to participate in the “Symposium Ozone Therapy in Medical Specialties” on May 20. About 130 professionals attended for more than 10 hours to learn and deepen the knowledge about ozone therapy.

Three very intense days followed in the “International Course on Ozone Therapy” sponsored by the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos “Dean of the Universities of America” and which took place in the Faculty of Dentistry. More than 120 health professionals, including physicians, dentists and veterinarians, from Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, México and some other countries attended the three mornings theoretical presentations and in the three afternoons participated in group practices. A specific group for veterinarians was formed.

Dr. Adriana Schwartz, president of Aepromo, for two and a half days was directly in charge of both the theoretical part and the practices.

The international course was officially inaugurated by Dr. Orestes Cachay Boza, rector of the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.  The inauguration ceremony was adorned with a typical Inca ceremony. University television posted a video about the inauguration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rpp6pPtoTkw&feature=youtu.be

Both events were a total success.

On behalf of Aepromo, in addition to the president, Dr. Miguel Ángel Montoya (Mexico) and the legal advisor of the association Roberto Quintero Mariño (Spain) intervened.

Peruvian Drs. Jaime Ulises Cachay, Hugo Barriga Serna and Leonel Llacsa Saravia, members of the Peruvian Medical Association of Oxygen Ozone Therapy (ASMPO3), which is affiliated to Imeof (International Medical Ozone Federation), also participated as speakers.

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