10 members set up the board that during the next four years will lead the association.

 Elections were conducted through the open list system.

 Dr. Adriana Schwartz re-elected as president of the association.

 Six members elected in 2012 continue. Four new integrate the new board.


During the Aepromo ordinary general meeting of June 3, 2016 its members elected the 10 board members who will be leading the organization until 2020.

As per the statutes of Aepromo the period of the previous board (2012-2016) had reached its end and a new election was required.

Members unanimously have elected the 10 following persons for the new board:

  • President: Dr. Adriana Schwartz.
  • Vice President: Dr. Enrique Riverola.
  • Secretary: Dr. Agustin Molins.
  • Treasurer: Dr. Alejandro González González.
  • Member: Dr. José Manuel Pomar. Chairman, Accreditation Commission.
  • Member: Dr. Antonio Corralero. Chairman, Claims and Complaints Commission.
  • Member: Dr. Marcelo Migliora. Chairman, Discipline Committe.
  • Member: Antonio Escamilla. Chairman, Education Committee.
  • Member: Dr. Humberto Loscertales. Chairman, Research Committee.

Member: Dr. Esteban Gonzalez

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