• 100% rating given by students to the scientific and methodological preparation of teachers.
  •  100% to the level of response to the objectives of the course.
  •  100% to the hands-on training carried out in the course.

The Intensive Basic Course in Ozone Therapy Applied to Internal Medicine was rated by students with 93%.

Participants had the opportunity to know and learn the theoretical elements of the “ozonated saline solution” and its preparation and practical implementation.

The “ozonated saline solution” is an effective alternative and with similar results to the major autohemotherapy. It has been endorsed by the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy (item 3.1.22).

The course is assessed as good if it gets a percentage above 60%. As a regular if it gets between 40% to 60%. As bad if it obtains less than 40%.

The written responses of the participants rated with 100% the scientific and methodological training of teachers, the level of response to the objectives and the hands-on training.

The advertising and information of the course; and the registration process received 91%.


Written comments from participants

The scientific preparation of teachers is very good. Also their quality and preparation.

All subjects were treated with a lot of professionalism.

The course meets the objectives.

As always it has been a flawless organization.

Go on with the methodology and choice of subjects in the same way as Aepromo has done so far. Very good.

The course has treated all subjects with the same scientific rigor they deserved.

Good scientific content. And good program.

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