258 articles on ozone therapy appeared in the 2020, MedLine database. Almost one paper per day.


Ozone, research and COVID-19

So far, 19 scientific articles have been published with results, on the application of ozone in patients with Covid-19; and a prevention study in healthy subjects.

In prevention there is a study in 320 subjects. 55% of the manuscripts are indexed in the MedLine database. A total of 682 patients have been treated with ozone.

The most commonly used routes of administration for intervention in patients with Covid-19 are: major autohemotherapy and ozonized saline solution.

Italy, Spain and China concentrate most of the authors on this topic. The countries that have created the most international research networks are Italy and Spain.

The main results of the studies indicate that ozone reduces inflammation indices, decreases assisted breathing time, improves oxygen saturation, and makes CRP negative in shorter periods.


Data provided by Dr. Gregorio Martínez, member of AEPROMO and president of ISCO3.

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