• International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress-2018” (ITCMC), Istanbul, April 19-22, 2018 
  • Organized by the Ministry of Health of Turkey with the collaboration of the WHO (World Health Organization) 
  • Adriana Schwartz and Roberto Quintero, president and legal advisor respectively of Aepromo and Imeof have been officialy invited.


One afternoon of the congress will be dedicated to the subject of ozone therapy. Dr. Adriana Schwartz will speak on “Ozone Therapy in Papilloma Virus Infection (HPV)”.

Roberto Quintero, in the legal component of the congress, will intervene with the presentation ” International comparative legal status of the Traditional and Complementary Medicine”.

The International Traditional and Complementary Medicine Congress-2018” (ITCMC) is being organized by the Turkish Ministry of Health with the collaboration of WHO (World Health Organization). It is a follow-up to the one organized in March 2014 and to which the legal advisor of Aepromo and Imeof Roberto Quintero participated with a presentation.


Ozone Therapy regulated in Turkey

Seven months later (October 2014), and in accordance with the Strategic Plan of the Ministry of Health for 2013-2017, the Turkish government approved the “Regulation of Traditional and Complementary Medicine” where it included ozone therapy.

The regulation defined ozone therapy, which must be performed by certified physicians and dentists and applied as a supportive treatment in areas stipulated by the Regulation. Ozone therapy is practiced both in public and private institutions.

Turkey is one of the 12 countries where ozone therapy has been regulated by the authorities.

For more information on the Turkish regulation see “Ozone Therapy and Legislation – Analysis for its Regularization”


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