Two grants /awards were received by the oncologist Bernardino Clavo, member of Aepromo and the neurosurgeon Sara Bisshopp Alfonso, awarded by the Official College of Physicians of Las Palmas on November 23, 2018.

Principal Investigator Dr. Sara Bisshopp: Clinical and economic impact of intradiscal ozone therapy in the management of patients with lumbar disc herniation.

The research seeks, says Dr. Bisshopp, “to assess the cost-effectiveness of the ozone therapy procedure as a conservative treatment measure in patients who are functionally disabled due to the pain of a lumbar disc herniation and who are waiting to be operated on the surgical waiting list list.”

Principal Investigator Dr. Bernardino Clavo: Inflammatory cytokines in ischemic heart disease “O3Cardio” (Special Investigation Grant “Dr. González Jaraba”).

Dr. Clavo says: “A clinical trial is being launched (for the first time in the world) to confirm whether ozone, added to the usual treatment, can improve the quality of life of patients with ischemic heart disease with limited therapeutic options, and that are no longer candidates for surgery.”

He adds “ozone is a medicine authorized by the AEMPS [Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products] and it is not subject to restrictions by patents.”

In both investigations, the Evaluation Service of the Canary Islands Health Service participates, which is a member of the Spanish Network of Health Technology Assessment Agencies of the health system (Redets, for its acronym in Spanish), of the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare.

Dr. Bernardino Clavo, MD, PhD, is a radiologist oncologist in the Research Unit, Radiation Oncology and Chronic Pain Unit of the University Hospital of G. C. Dr. Negrín Las Palmas (Canary Islands), Spain.

Dr. Sara Bisshopp, MD, Dr. Sara Bisshopp, MD, is a specialist physician in neurosurgery at the University Hospital of G. C. Dr. Negrín Las Palmas (Canary Islands).

For his presentation “Ozone therapy in the management of the toxicity of oncological treatments” Dr. Clavo won the first prize “AEPROMO 2017” awarded by the Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy in June 2017.


Congratulations to Dr. Bisshopp Alfonso and Dr. Clavo for the awards and for continuing to research the scientific foundations of ozone therapy, which is a “medical act”.


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