Under the motto “REGULARIZATION, UNITY AND SCIENCE IN FAVOR OF THE WORLD OZONE THERAPY” 302 health professionals from 15 countries gathered at the congress. Of these numbers 37 were speakers (20 Cubans and 17 foreigners).

The conference was jointly held with the Cuban Society of Ozone Therapy (SCO) and the Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy (AMOZON); both organizations took responsibility for the overall organization of the event.

The organization of the scientific event allowed attendees to participate in active exchange of questions and answers sessions along the different presentations. Thus providing an excellent opportunity to learn, share and consolidate knowledge.

On behalf of the Cuban government were present Drs Enrique Michel Esteban, Director of the Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery of Cuba; Pedro L. Véliz Martínez, Director of the National Council of Scientific Societies of Health; and

Emilio Delgado Iznaga, National Director of Medicines and Healthcare Technologies of Cuba from the Deputy Minister of Health and Social Assistance of the Ministry of Cuban Public Health.

President of IMEOF is Dr. Adriana Schwartz, President of AEPROMO (Spanish Association of Medical Professionals in Ozone Therapy).

President AMOZON (Mexican Association of Ozone Therapy) is Dr. Froylán Alvarado Güémez.

President of SCO (Cuban Society of Ozone Therapy) is Dr. Vivian Borroto. 

Congress pictures

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