• Senator Lorena Cuéllar presents legislative initiative on ozone therapy.
  • Organized the forum: “Towards the Regularization of Ozone Therapy”
  • Adriana Schwartz, president of Aepromo, Imeof and secretary of Isco3 delivered the keynote speech on ozone therapy in the Senate.


At the initiative of Senator Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, Mexican Senate Board secretary, it was organized the forum “Towards the Regulation of the Ozone Therapy “, which took place in the Plenary Hall of the Permanent Commission on November 27, 2017.

The initiative was carried out jointly with Amozón (Mexican Ozone Therapy Association), member of Imeof under the presidency of Dr. Froylán Alvarado Güémez; and Cipredis-Ozono (International College of Experts in Prevention of Dispraxis) represented by Dr. Nalleli Weber Chulía.

Keynote speech

At the invitation of Senator Lorena Cuéllar Cisneros, Dr. Adriana Schwartz, president of Aepromo (Spanish Association of Medical Professionals In Ozone Therapy), Imeof (International Medical Ozone Federation) and secretary of Isco3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy),

delivered the keynote speech. During 45 minutes Dr. Schwartz  spoke in the forum about ozone therapy. Her presentation was very well received by both the participants and the panelists.

Dr. Cristal Corona Sánchez, president of the Mexican Observatory of Bioethics and Dr. Nalleli Weber of Cipredis-Ozono opened the forum; being closed by Dr. Froylán Alvarado, president of Amozón.

Ozone therapy and its practice in México

Senator Cuéllar is not a newcomer to the ozone therapy. Since when she was mayor of the city of Tlaxcala (in the State of the same name) between 2008 and 2010, her municipality already included ozone therapy campaigns.

With the interventions of Dr. Enrique Higareda of the Imss (Mexican Institute of Social Security) and Dr. Jorge Rafael Hernandez del Issste (Institute of Security and Social Services of State Workers), it was specified that for some time ozone therapy has being accepted and applied in different public health centers in Mexico.

The Plenary Hall of the Permanent Commission became very small after housing more than 100 health professionals from different Mexican states. Many could not get access to the plenary hall due to a physical lack of space.

12 countries have regularized ozone therapy

The participants were informed by the panelist Roberto Quintero, legal adviser of Aepromo, Imeof and Isco3 that the legal initiative has already been carried out in 12 countries and how convenient that ozone therapy has legal support. Confidently, he said, that Mexico be the next country to regulate ozone therapy.

Lobby in favor of the project

The important initiative of Senator Lorena Cuellar should be warmly supported. The legislative initiative has begun to move. It is now up to all the Mexican Ozone therapists to get fully involved in the process, lobbying with the senators of their states, so that they may support this initiative. The legislative process is complex but it has already arrived there. Ozone therapy has entered the agenda of the Mexican Senate. Hopefully it will be translated into a positive legislative project for ozone therapy, for health professionals and especially for patients and the population in general. If approved, it will then to the House of Representatives.

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