• Study based on the results obtained at the Viamed Virgen de la Paloma Hospital in Madrid (Spain). 
  • Schwartz A, Martínez-Sánchez G, de Lucía AM, Viana SM, Constanta AM (2021) “Complementary application of the ozonized saline solution in mild and severe patients with pneumonia COVID-19: A non-randomized pilot study.” J Pharm Pharmacogn Res 9 (2): 126-142.


On July 6, 2020 we published the very positive and rapid results obtained with Ozone Saline Solution – a route of application of ozone therapy, as a complementary therapy – in patients hospitalized for COVID-19, according to results obtained at the Viamed Virgen de la Paloma Hospital in Madrid (Spain).

Now the “Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmacognosy Research” has just published the non-randomized pilot study in English.


The work done in the Madrid hospital and the published study were carried out by the team led by Dr. Adriana Schwartz, President of AEPROMO, President of IMEOF (International Medical Ozone Federation), and Scientific Secretary of ISCO3 (International Scientific Committee of Ozone Therapy ).


Dr. Gregorio Martínez, member of AEPROMO, and President of ISCO3, is the corresponding author.


Full article: https://jppres.com/jppres/pdf/vol9/jppres20.971_9.2.126.pdf


News published on July 6, 2020:


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