The Colombian Association of Ozone Therapy (ACDO) has initiated the process that could lead to Colombia regularize the practice of ozone therapy.

ACDO President Dr. Carlos E. Rojas Martinez has been in contact with the Assessment Technology Institute in Health (IETS) requesting its advice to the regularization of the ozone therapy in Colombia.

The IETS “aims to make the evaluation of health technologies based on scientific evidence (…) to recommend to the competent authorities on technologies that should be covered by public funds through the Social Security General System in Health.”

The IETS “is a non-profit corporation, mixed participation [public and private funds] with private legal status, with its own assets, created as stipulated in the Law 1438 of 2011. Its members are the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, the Invima [National Institute of Food and Drugs], the National Institute of Health, Colciencias [Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation] Ascofame [Colombian Association of Faculties of Medicine] and the Colombian Association of Scientific Societies.”

This important step taken by ACDO will be the first of many that will continue to occur in the future, with the interest that ozone therapy is regularized in Colombia.

The Colombian Association of Ozone Therapy (ACDO) is a member of IMEOF (International Medical Ozone Federation).

IMEOF will have its Fourth International Conference in Havana, Cuba from 27 to 29 November 2015, along with the 1st. Congress of the Cuban Society of Ozone and the V Ozone Mexican Congress. Motto of the congress: “Regularization, unity and science in favor of the world ozone therapy”.

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