The members present at the Annual General Meeting of AEPROMO and those who wrote by email unanimously voted for the nine board members who had run for reelection.

As the four years mandatory status of the board has reached its end, Aepromo members were asked to vote for a new board for the period 2012-2016. The electoral process was conducted according to the single and open -list system which is the most transparent and participatory democratic way known. All full members who wanted to run could do it and their names were included in a single and open list. Each candidate in writing and one month in advance addressed to all members of AEPROMO giving the reasons why he/she run for the board.

The electoral process ended in a vote of confidence for the nine board members, as they all were unanimously reelected.

Reports of the Board and the Treasury were also approved by all the participants at the Ordinary General Assembly Meeting.


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