• First country in the world to recognized the medical use of ozone 
  • The first decision was taken by the Government in 1991
  • A second decision was adopted in 2014
  • Ozone therapy can be applied to all specialties and diseases where it may used, both in the public and private sectors.


1991. Presidential Decree 157 of 1991 (Official Gazette 157/A /1991)

This decree on “Increased earnings derived from medical visits, as well as medical and dental practices,” provides a list of therapies and what to charge for each of them.

The ozone therapy is included in the chapter of Vascular Surgery (section II):

Intra-arterial ozone therapy (paragraph 48) and external ozone therapy (Paragraph 62). It means that these two processes using medical ozone were authorized because they were included in the list of medical practices and the price to be paid for them.


2014. Ministry of Health and General Direction of Health Services. Protocol number: Y4a/oik.75108, August 29, 2014

The Minister of Health on August 29, 2014 widened the scope of application of ozone therapy to all specialties and diseases, both in the public and private sectors.

The Health Minister makes explicit reference to the inclusion of ozone therapy in the Official Gazette 157 / A / 1991 on medical methods; also it points out to the major and minor autohemotherapy, to intramuscular and intraarticular ozone injections, specifying “that they are world-known methods that are applied not only in lymphatic diseases, but are proposed and recommended for all medical specialties, providing better results without side effects for the patient. ”

For its practice it requires that “the person responsible for its implementation has a good knowledge of this medical practice.”

Thus ozone therapy has been authorized to apply it in all specialties and diseases, both in the public and private sector. Requirement:  Whoever applies it must “have a good knowledge of this medical practice.”

Many thanks to Dr. Iliakis Emmanouil (MD., PhD. Orthopaedic Surgeon) for the information provided

He is the President of the Greek Scientific Association of Oxygene – Ozone Therapy.

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