• ACOGUA was created in March 2017.
  • It was formalized as a scientific association on April 8, 2017.
  • Its affiliation was announced at the 5th International Congress of AEPROMO and 6th of IMEOF, Madrid, June 2-3, 2017.


  • President of ACOGUA: Dr. Miguel Antonio Mejía


Guatemalan Ozone therapist decided to take a step forward in the development of this medical therapy in their country, creating ACOGUA (Guatemalan Scientific Association of Ozone Therapy).

The new association was created in March 2017 and it was formally constituted before a notary public on April 8, 2017. One of its first decisions adopted was to request membership in IMEOF (International Medical Ozone Federation).

Its affiliation was made public within the framework of the 5th International Congress of AEPROMO and 6th of IMEOF that took place at the Madrid Complutense University Medicine Faculty on June 2-3, 2017.

Dr. Adriana Schwartz, President of IMEOF in the opening speech of the congress said about ACOGUA (Guatemalan Scientific Association of Ozone Therapy) the following:

“Today we officially present the international debut of the Guatemalan Association of Ozone Therapy recently founded, last March 2017, under the direct advice of AEPROMO. Its president is Dr. Miguel Antonio Mejía online casino games australia. We warmly welcome our dear companions from Guatemala. The Guatemalan Association of Ozone Therapy has decided to be part of the more than 20 associations that make up IMEOF, international federation that is proudly celebrating today its sixth international congress along with the 5th of AEPROMO.”


In the same congress Dr. Miguel Antonio Mejía received the affiliation certificate from IMEOF.

ACOGUA officially adhered to the Madrid Declaration on Ozone Therapy, ISCO3, 2nd. ed., 2015.

The president of ACOGUA is Dr. Miguel Antonio Mejía, vice president Dr. Juan José Palacios López, secretary Dr. Antonio Isaías Palacios and treasurer Dr. María Isabel Barrientos.

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