Mexico City has included ozone therapy in its General Health Law. This has been approved by the Congress of Mexico City, through Decree of November 29, 2022.

This decree entered into force on January 19, 2023 when it was published in the Official Gazette of Mexico City (No. 1027 bis, January 19, 2023, pp. 13 and 14).


The decree specifies that “for the exercise of technical and auxiliary activities that require specific knowledge in the field of (…) ozone therapy (…), the corresponding diplomas have been required to have been legally issued and registered by the competent educational authorities.” (Article 100 bis, General Health Law of Mexico City).


Two states have regulated ozone therapy

In this way in the Mexican Republic, a federal country, there are already two states that have regularized ozone therapy.

The first to do so was that of Nuevo León, on January 19, 2018. The approved regulations specified that the ozonetherapits must have the corresponding knowledge backed in legally issued and registered diplomas. Ozonetherapits must be “responsible before the competent authorities, for the practices or methods that apply.”

Now Mexico City, which is thirty -second state of the Mexican Republic, has also included in its legislation to ozone therapy.


Four other states analyze legislative ozone therapy bills

Since 2020, four other Mexican states began the legislative procedure tending to include ozone therapy in their respective regulations of the General Health Law. These states are Morelos, Quintana Roo, Baja California and in 2021 Sonora.


Legislative project in the Mexican National Congress

It is worth remembering that on April 27, 2021, the then senator for the State of Michoacán José Alfonso Pascual Solórzano, presented in the Senate of the Republic the project so that ozone therapy is included in article 79 of the General Health Law of the Mexican Republic. Project that continues to advance in the legislative process.


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