• Aepromo met with regional (regional) and national entities so that the Spanish government did not classify ozone therapy as a pseudo-therapy.
  • It was obtained that ozone therapy was not included by the Spanish government in its list of pseudo-therapies.
  • The governmental pseudo-therapies document of February 2019 does not list or mention ozone therapy

When the government published the “Plan for the Protection of Health against Pseudo-therapies” at the end of November 2018, Aepromo launched a lobbying plan, designed long ago, so that ozone therapy would not be included in the government plan.

The ozone therapy is a complementary (it should not be called alternative) therapy; has scientific foundation; is a “medical act” that must be performed in Spain only by physicians, dentists, veterinarians and podiatrists (in the area of ​​their competence), duly accredited and trained.

Aepromo has been meeting with different entities, both regional and national, to point out that ozone therapy has scientific basis, it does have research that supports it, it has been regulated by 13 countries, and it is not pseudo-therapy.

Ozone therapy is not a pseudotherapy for the Spanish government

The government, following its November 2018 document “Plan for the Protection of Health against Pseudo-therapies”, issued at the end of February 2019 the document “Context and analysis of evaluability: Exploratory analysis of systematic reviews and clinical trials published in Pubmed (2012-2018) “. Neither the November 2018 document nor the February 2019 documents mention ozone therapy.

The February 2019 document lists a total of 139 natural therapies, of which 77 were classified as pseudo-therapies. The remaining 66 will be the object of individualized evaluation later on.

Since ozone therapy does not appear on either the 77 or the 66 lists, it means that the government does not plan to analyze it. In other words, ozone therapy is not pseudo-therapy for the Spanish government.

The lobby of Aepromo gave results, but there is no time for complacency. The organization will remain very attentive to the subject of pseudo-therapies so that what has been obtained up to now does not disappear.

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