It is worth remembering that since 2018 the Spanish Pain Society and the Andalusian Pain Society spoke out in favor of ozone therapy.


Both papers were handed over to the OMC (by its acronym in Spanish, Collegiate Medical Organization), December 20, 2018.


Spanish Pain Society

“Positioning of the Spanish Pain Society towards Ozone Therapy in the Treatment of Pain”


Among their conclusions are the following:

“Taking into account the aforementioned, we believe that ozone therapy is safe and effective in the conditions described, it must be administered by trained personnel, after obtaining the ozone from state-of-the-art and approved generators, and it must continue to be included in the portfolio of services of public and private assistance services that can guarantee its correct use.”


“Ozone therapy has been used for years in many hospitals of the Spanish National Health System, with no significant adverse reactions or complications reported.”

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Read the list of the 23 Spanish public hospitals that practice ozone therapy.

List updated December 14, 2021.


Andalusian Pain Society

“Positioning of the Andalusian Association of Pain before the Consideration of Ozone Therapy as Pseudoscience”.


Among the conclusions of the document are:

“5.1. Medical ozone therapy is a technique whose action mechanisms are perfectly defined from the biochemical and pharmacological points of view, so it is far from being a pseudoscience. The pharmacology and biochemistry of ozone therapy have been published in specialized impact journals.”


“5.2. Ozone therapy has proven to be safe and effective when used properly. The characteristics of the infiltrated ozone would provide security in the protocols with invasive techniques, favoring their repeatability and prognosis.”

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