The bill seeks to incorporate ozone therapy into the Health Law for the state of Hidalgo

 Initiative presented by the PRD and MORENA political parties


Jointly, deputy Miguel Ángel Martínez Gómez (PRD, Democratic Revolutionary Party) and Vanesa Escalante Arroyo (MORENA, National Regeneration Movement, with a parliamentary majority in both chambers of the Union Congress) presented on April 14, 2023 the initiative that reforms Article 12 bis of the Health Law for the State of Hidalgo, to include ozone therapy in the said Health Law.

Beginning of the legislative process Ozone Therapy State of Hidalgo


Of the 32 states that the Mexican Republic has, two of them already have ozone therapy incorporated into their legislation.


The first to do so was Nuevo León (2018).


It has been followed by Mexico City (January 2023).


Hidalgo is part of the fifth Mexican state where bills on ozone therapy are currently being processed. These states are the following: Morelos, Quintana Roo, Baja California, Sonora and now Hidalgo.

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